We Now.

Now is bold. Now is clear. Now is a Bit Awesome.

Now is content driven websites, free of clutter.
Now is giving your customers a seamless experience from desktop to mobile.
Now is taking advantages of technologies that make building websites quicker and cheaper.
Now is fresh, entertaining content; written to engage your customers.
Now is fun and innovative social media interaction and digital word of mouth.
Now is bold, bright design & beautiful photography.
Now isn't in the future, Now is right here.

Now is good. In fact, it's not just good; it's a Bit Awesome.

/Web Hosting.

Our UK based server allows us to offer low cost, simple and reliable hosting packages. Whether you want access to advanced features or hosting that 'just works' - Bit Awesome offers a range of solutions.

/Web Design.

Complete web design packages starting at £399. Using industry standard platforms, and offering smart, mobile-ready designs, Bit Awesome has years of experience creating great web sites.


Well written content is *hugely* important to your business. You know that. Here at Bit Awesome, we offer affordable copywriting with fast turnarounds.
Our experienced copywriting team have worked for jewellery brands, music publishers, rock bands, green energy initiatives... *whatever* the nature of your project or business, Bit Awesome can give your written content that extra something it needs. Call today to discuss your project on 07905 858025!

/Social Media Strategies.

/Social Media Strategies.
We specialise in demystifying social media strategies. We represent many companies' online campaigns, from blogs to Twitter to Facebook and everything in between. Proven social media marketing methods available in packages starting at £150 per month.

Welcome To A Simpler Way To The Web.

The web should be simple. Having your own website should be simple.

You’re busy. We know that. You’ve got a business to run. You haven’t got time to worry about how your website works. Too many businesses don’t push forward with their web presence, for fear that it’s far too complicated to get working. To get it working well, usually that involves a ‘web guy’; an expensive web guy, no doubt. That’s why our websites are designed to just work, but with you in control. No stress, no hassle, just a website that’s ready to work, and easy to work with.

Our websites are built on trusted, stable platforms like WordPress & BootStrap. What that means to you is reliable, affordable sites, costing a lot less than they used to. Plus, you don't need to get your hands dirty with the heavy technology. We take care of the techy stuff, so you can concentrate on whats important to you.

As your shiny new online home, our websites are easy to update and customise without any web design knowledge. Our sites are designed to put you in control, stress-free. Everything behind the scenes is easy to handle – no computer science degree necessary.

Don’t have time to add your content? Don’t worry, our competitively priced update services mean we can take care of your site for you. Our experienced copyrighting team can develop your content and give your brand a fresh edge.

Our websites integrate with iPhone, iPad and Android devices, so you can update your site from anywhere in the world, and on any of your devices. Our responsive designs will look great on any device. In an age where more and more web traffic is mobile, it's crucial that your site runs seamlessly from desktop to mobile. That's why all our sites are built for all platforms as standard.

Call us now on 07905 858025 to find out how beautifully simple your new website will be.

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